NEW! Ready to ship section added to our Etsy shop

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hey guys!  We are excited to be adding a new section to our Etsy shop where all the signs listed in the "Ready to Ship" section will be READY TO SHIP as soon as you purchase.  The quantity will be limited between 1 and 3 signs per design and will change from month to month.

Hopefully, this will be a much better way of handling our monthly flash sale.  Using Etsy to host it will be so much better by making the checkout process fast and easy plus your sign will ship right away.

Here's a new twist to our very popular "Best Things" sign.

Keep in mind that signs offered during our flash sale on the last day of the month will not normally be signs that are shared in the shop and once they are gone...they are gone.

These are just a few of the signs that will be listed on July 31st.

The day of the flash sale we will share more on Instagram & Facebook about how many designs we will list.

So be sure to watch both:  Instagram @threemangoseeds  //  Facebook - Three Mango Seeds.

We know a lot of you are local and will not want to pay shipping charges.  We've created a way around that for you during the checkout process.

If you do choose the PICKUP option, all signs must be picked up within one week of purchase.

I believe we'll have around 50 signs for the flash sale on Friday, July 31st.

Are you new to Etsy?  You will need a user name to be able to purchase so that when your invoice comes to us it will contain all of your shipping information, however we won't have access to any of your personal / payment information.  Etsy is secure.

Registering for an Etsy account:
  • Doesn't cost a thing -- it's free 
  • Allows you to track your purchases
  • Gives you the ability to contact Etsy sellers directly
  • Does not require your actual full name -- you can choose a username that will keep you anonymous
  • Doesn't require a credit card to be kept on file when you register as a buyer
  • Helps keep us legal for tax purposes.
We've been using Etsy since 2011.  We value the relationships that we have with all of you and wouldn't ask you to "sign up" for anything that we didn't already use and trust.  Here is a quick link to get signed up so that your are ready for the flash sale.  Etsy: A step-by-step guide to getting started.

Please let us know if you have any questions -- we know this is so different from what we've done in the past but it'll be good.  Promise!

**Disclosure:  We are not paid in any way if you sign up with Etsy other than through sign sales.  We actually pay a fee to use Etsy every time we list/sell.  However, we feel the fee's are worth it in making our flash sale more streamlined for everyone involved.**


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello there!

Just in case you didn't know we host a SIGN SALE on the last day of every month starting at 7pm cst.  This is when we stock signs that we do not normally sell in our Etsy (mangoseedmarketplace) shop so be sure to mark your calendar so you can check it out.

Need a reminder?  Be sure to follow along with us on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK.

DIY Industrial shelves

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our teenage son has an opinion when it comes to his room.  He isn't at the age where I can do what I want to his room anymore, although I did persuade him to go the industrial route and so far so good.

The room itself has been a work in progress for quite some time because we work on projects when we can pay cash for them AND working around shop orders is a little tricky lately.

We started with the floor several months back when we ripped out all the carpet and laid wood floor style plank tiles.  You can see that project here.

Now, back to the shelving that was built for his TV and gaming stuff. We started from the bottom and worked our way up.  We measured everything he wanted on the shelf, where he wanted it on the shelves and made adjustments as we worked.

Oh, I almost forgot.  We added a faux brick wall behind the shelves and painted it white.  We love the dimension that it added once the project was complete.

So happy with how it turned out.

I need a wide angle lens to take better images of the "after" but I haven't gotten one yet so bear with me on these final images.

We have a cord protector that we will paint white to hide all of the component cords.

Eventually, we will hang the fire helmets on either side of his television, we just haven't found the right hooks yet.

Love them.  So glad we did this project.  All of his stuff looks organized and "clean" against the white wall.

This entire project, including the faux brick wall, took us two full days / evenings to complete. Not bad at all.

Thanks for stopping by!

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